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Teacher/Clerk Table




Mode of supply Assembled Ready To Use
Frame type Free standing
Understructure of table Four legs
Storage provided One side
Keyboard tray Not provided
Foot rest Provided


Table top Material Three layer prelaminated particle board(Wood Product) of grade II type II of IS 12823/Latest
Gable end and modesty panel material Three Layer prelaminated particles board(wood product) of grade II type III of IS 12823/Latest
Leg Material NO LEGS


Table top long sides To be post form half round profile
Table top plain sides Edge to be banded with PVC tape of 2mm thick with the help of hot melt glue
Gable end and modesty panel plain side N.A
Number of buffers provided 4 Nos. at bottom


Thickness of table top ±2mm 19 millimeter
Thickness of gable end and modesty panel ±2mm 19 millimeter
Length of table top ±10mm 900 millimeter
Depth of table ±10mm 600 millimeter
Height of table ±10mm 725 millimeter
Dimension of leg(mmXmm) ±5mm No legs


Number of Storage unit provided Triple storage
Width of storage unit ±10mm N.A
Depth of storage unit in mm (±10mm) NA
Height of smallest storage unit ±5mm N.A
Height of medium storage unit ±5mm N.A
Height of largest storage unit ±5mm N.A


Type of keyboard tray N.A
Material of keyboard tray and Right angle L-type supporting bracket N.A
Keyboard adjustablity N.A
fixing of supporting bracket N.A
Length of telescopic channe±l0mm N.A
Average weight of telescopic channel ±50Gms N.A
Keyboard front width±10mm N.A
Keyboard depth±10mm N.A
Keyboard height±10mm N.A
Finish of exposed edges of keyboard tray N.A
Material thickness of keyboard tray ±1mm N.A


Material of footrest N.A
Length of footrest ±10mm N.A
Depth of footrest ±10mm N.A
Height of footrest ±10mm N.A
Finish of exposed edges To be banded with 0.5-1.0mm thick PVC tape with the help of hot melt glue
Material thickness of footrest ±2mm 25mm


Table top finish Laminate in colour with swede finish 0.6-0.8mm thickness of type S,F or P having index no.3.2.3 conforming to IS 2046/Latest with having balancing laminate of 0.5mm thick on other side
Table top shade As per Buyer’s choice


Warrantee period in number of years 1


Test reports to be furnished to buyer on demand NO
Product having BIFMA certification NO
OEM of offered product is ISO 9001:2015 certified YES
OEM of offered product is ISO 14001:2015 certified NO
OEM of offered product is ISO 18001:2007 certified NO


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